About me


I enjoy cooking and looking after people and I love delivering delicious fresh made meals.

My aim is to produce and deliver full of flavor tasty food  to dive in and experience an explosion of all five senses .I think Food is a primal, everyday part of our lives—yet rich with mystery.I Love travelling the world,exploring culture and people and mainly discovering new recepies and technique of cooking amazing food.

My belive is “luck is what you make of it

I built my passion for food in Italy, growing alongside my mother’s pots and pans, smelling and tasting everything was cooking for the family. After experiencing different careers in my native country,I moved to Paris where I lived five years working there.I was then attracted by moving to London and I stayed 12 years in the british capital
During this time,I had the rewarding chance of working my way through of top restaurants and hotels,receiving formal culinary and front of house training to build up my knowledge for finally enter the real world of global food gastronomy and consequently fallen in love with this wonderful profession.


Roberto Medda
NAF: 381076611862
Higiene certificate – Manipulacion de alimentos No REGISTRO: 187576
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