Events Dinners Chefs Specialists into your Villa in Tenerife.

Tenerife, the dream island
for your special event. Your birthday/anniversary
planner and tailor-made catering service.

Today Private Chef and Personal Concierge offers tailor-made services in the Tenerife Island, including catering services for small wedding , wedding venues selection, private chef, with a wide range of menu and style proposals: Italian, Spanish, French,  mediterranean, vegan, vegetarian, kosher and much more to fulfill your demands.

Your Private chef Service with a wide choice of drinks and mix cocktails.

Pre holiday food shopping service into your own villa.

This means that whatever time of day or night you arrive at the villa that you always have the essentials or all to start enjoying your holiday without the desperate need to go shopping immediately. The initial feedback to date has been fantastic and is now something we are trying to encourage across all customers

We can do you all the Pre holiday food shopping service for you ,including British food like marmite, bread loaf ,beans, bacon. Also any brand of alcohol from cash and curry ,Italian delicatessen,fresh fish,meat and vegetables crocery for Allergy-Safe Foods and Staples,halal and kosher shopping list..,

You might dislike going to the grocery store in Tenerife for multiple reasons: It’s crowded, the lines are long, what you need might be out of stock or dont know where to get it from, and you’d probably rather be doing something else. Grocery stores are also full of other items not on your shopping list that might make you spend more than you mean to. With all these drawbacks, it’s not surprising that grocery delivery services are becoming more and more popular with our customers in Tenerife

Hire A Chef Couple For A Birthday Party in Tenerife


If you’re wondering how to throw a party or the best way to throw a birthday party, you may want to consider learning how to hire a chef for a birthday party. How to hire a chef for a birthday party is a little skill can make the whole event run so much more smoothly. Ask for a menu sample Email

Birthday surprises

We can also organise  one hour of FLAMENCO while you have the aperitif, If you choose build up your menu , we can also add an amazing birthday cake  made with your favourite ingredients and his/her name on it ,we can add a bottle of champagne for Euros to share with your cake,we can make a wonderful cheese board with grapes and biscuits and a bottle of Porto wine,

We can buy Balloons to make wonderful decorations , we can make many different punch/cocktails to have as aperitif ,like Cava sangria,Spritz sangria and Mojito sangria,Pimms sangria

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Birthday celebration extra special in Tenerife?

Why not get a private chef couple to prepare an amazing meal at your villa

European-Mediterranean Cuisine with a modern home-style twist.
Prepared and served in the comfort of your holiday villa.

(Specialised in birthdays meals)

We offer team work table service and great fresh prepared quality food. Our cuisine is authentic with our personal touch, and we like to describe as European-Mediterranean with a modern home-style twist .
All exclusively prepared and served in the comfort of your villa in Tenerife or any where you wish to.

Whether you are planning a birthday party dinner or a reunion with family and friends,stag,hen, w/e;Our Paellas,Tapas and Sangria,Seafood platters, Fresh fish and Meat dishes degustation are reactive and unique as will be your event if you choose our NO.1 Services in Tenerife.






Choose max 4 platters for whole group of kids

  • Fish croquettes
  • Saute Artichoke
  • Chicken nugets
  • Chicken & greenpeas coconut light Curry
  • White paella Rice
  • Bread crumb veal and pork paillard
  • Saute potatoes
  • Crusty Pizza
  • Penne with tomato sauce
  • Meatballs served with
  • Tossed salad
  • Rice w/Lentils, & peas served w/ cube vegetable
  • Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry over coliflower mash
  • Rice w/Lentils, & peas served w/ cube vegetable
  • Mini cheese burgers
  • Roasted potato fries
  • Sun shape cheese ravioli with olive oil and parmisan
  • Dessert of the day served with ice cream


Make them feel very special!!

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Choose six platters for whole group of kids

  •    Fish croquettes
  •    Chicken nugets
  •    Chicken & greenpeas coconut light Curry
  •    White paella Rice
  •    Bread crumb veal and pork paillard
  •    Saute potatoes
  •    Crusty Pizza
  •    Penne with tomato sauce
  •    Meatballs served with
  •    Tossed salad
  •    Rice w/Lentils, & peas served w/ cube vegetable
  •    Beef and Broccoli Stir-fry over coliflower mash
  •    Mini cheese burgers
  •    Roasted potato fries
  •    Sun shape cheese ravioli with olive oil and parmisan
  •    Dessert of the day served with ice cream and free alcool sangria



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We belive in ‘local fresh food’

In general, the local food system is associated with sustainable & organic agriculture because of its connection to smaller family farms who typically use these types of methods.






We love buying a food grown or made close to our home, or at least within your regional area.


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  • For fruits and vegetables, this means supporting a nearby farm that controlled every aspect of growing the crop.

  • For other foods, this means using local ingredients to create a new product ( breads, jams, pastas, olive oils,etc.). Of course, some products can’t be made using only local ingredients because of regional obstacles (e.g. flour to make bread doesn’t grow in Tenerife), but if the producer making the product is locally-based, that is still understood to be a local food.

  • Freshness and authenticity are the buzz words for today’s discerning consumers for whom dining is as much about the experience as it is about the quality of the dishes on the menu.

  • On Tenerife, the island known as ‘Eternal Spring’, thanks to its gloriously temperate year-round climate, innovation is riding high with our latest culinary venture .

  • If you are tired of turistic and commercial food on your holiday then get in touch with us,we know how to make the difference !!

Roberto & Brigida’s dining service




Want a pair of top chefs to prepare and serve your meals for you? Then add this to your order! Roberto & Brigida will dazzle you with their culinary skills. You decide wich menu you’re having. They do the shopping and prepare your meal. How good is that? Pre-order for the ultimate luxury. Make it a special occasion with PRIVATE CHEFS SERVICE .


Thank you so much Roberto and Brigida for making an incredible evening for our family at my mother’s birthday celebration in Tenerife. So much delicious and different food for everyone, also the vegan food was prepared perfectly and with great passion. The vegan cake was also so yummy! Thank you so much for taking care of us!

Professional staff · Good for parties · Creative cuisine · Delicious food · Experienced chefs

We had a really great birthday meal and evening with Roberto and Brigida. They had the best all inclusive service from shopping to dessert. They also took very good care of our vegans, and we can absolutely recommend them to vegetarian and vegan parties too.
Thank you so much for everything Roberto and Brigida .

Good for parties · Experienced chefs · Creative cuisine · Professional staff · Delicious food · Great value

Roberto and Brigida came to our villa to cook for our group of 12 and gave us the best foodie experience from starter to dessert!

The food was absolutely incredible (Roberto’s chorizo burger genuinely one of the best burgers I’ve ever had!) and the service amazing. They were so lovely to chat to throughout the evening, and truly were one of the memorable highlights of our trip.

If you’re heading to Tenerife and looking for a private dining experience I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Highly recommended business, professional yet friendly and the food is absolutely fantastic!!
The array of choices is incredible and they are happy to accommodate vegetarian and vegan clients too.

Roberto and Brigida are amazing! Not only did they welcome such a lively bunch, but 11 friends and I were also cooked the most delicious food, with amazing service. Such a lovely couple who really made our trip. We were only there for the weekend so their exceptional preparation, service, chatter and food made our life so much easier. Would recommend them 100 times over, and will definitely be in touch when we return to Tenerife. If only they were in England still!! X

Roberto contacted me promptly after I made an enquiry. He allowed me to bespoke our menu and the arrangements were smooth.
He and his lovely wife spent the whole afternoon preparing our meal.
The food was amazing, I can honestly say the flavours were beyond expectation.
There were 8 guests total and so much food that Roberto and his packed the remainder in our fridge to eat in the coming days.
Such a great evening great birthday experience for my daughters 24th, I would highly recommend Roberto and wis wife.

Roberto and Brigida are fabulous! They are a beautiful couple cooking delicious and tasty food. They work well together in the kitchen and present creative, colorful and yummy dishes. I especially loved all the desserts!! This was our first time using a private chef and they have now set the bar very high. We would absolutely recommend them and hope to have another fabulous dinner by them in the future (let me know when you’re in London!)

Amazing is an understatement! Thank you for giving us such a fantastic experience. We would recommend Roberto and Brigida to anyone.

Chef Roberto and Brigida put on a sumptuous set-price Spanish degustation for us. They were on time, gracious and knew their way around the kitchen. Everything went smooth as silk. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Good for parties · Creative cuisine · Great value · Experienced chefs · Delicious food · Professional staff

Overall very good,Roberto and Brigida are passionate about the food they produce.
Generous portions and wonderful textures …Great experience!

Good for parties · Professional staff · Creative cuisine · Great value · Delicious food · Experienced chefs

5 star from me,great food and wonderful service…

Creative cuisine · Good for parties · Delicious food

Could not be better than this.Extremely friendly people and as for the food ,it is off the charts…Excellent treat from start to the end .

What a fantastic evening. Perfect from start to finish. Roberto and his wife made my 60th birthday so special. They are so creative in the kitchen, but did allow me to alter the menu to my liking. Nothing was too much trouble, the service unobtrusive, and to our pace. The sangria was flowing. We would definitely use them again

Great value · Experienced chefs · Personalised menus · Good for parties · Excellent service · Creative cuisine

Let’s be real, there is ALWAYS room for dessert!

Private chef Tenerife

If you want to enjoy your holiday with family and friends, hiring a cook for few private dinners during your stay may be a wonderful idea. You won’t have to even think of preparing a large degustation dinner. Of course, you could also opt to have only a buffet prepared for you with enough food for few days, or to only use a private chef for a special occasion.


We love to create beautiful food that is loaded with flavor and yet comforting at the same time. Most people are amazed by how authentic our recipes taste- actually they never even know they could have such a treat in their own holiday villa in Tenerife. We love to mix comfort food home-cooking and classics European specialities, as well as create original  recipes.

We feel inspired by french and italian pastry,mediterranean flavores,local pruduce from farmers market, fresh tastes ,intriguing textures and spices from around the globe.


Let’s be real, there is ALWAYS room for dessert! | See OUR ideas about Delicious desserts…


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A Mediterranean taste is just an extension of ourselves …💕

We give your salads a fresh, colorful spin with these quick and easy fresh plates .Ideal option to start a meal and follow by one of ours rich and delicious paella and end up with

Let the Fresh Meals Come To You with Personal Chefs

Everyone loves to have good food. Preparing a good food is always a challenge as well as the most time-consuming part of our lives. Many a time it happens that it becomes difficult to choose the right food with the right ingredients. Usually, a person consumes three meals per day, so it becomes very important to cook food with the right ingredients which can help you to remain active throughout the day.
The perfect balance of the right ingredients in the food can only be maintained by the personal chefs. They have the talent to maintain the right taste in the food. To make a food that suits your tongue really requires a good deal of money to get the ingredients in the right quantity. The personal chef is hired to work in your kitchen. They can plan a menu according to the day and occasion. Right from getting the things from the grocery shop to the final step of serving the food on the dining table, they are ready to maintain a perfect balance of taste and flavor. The Personal chefs for holiday are there to make your vacation memorable in many ways.

There are many organization around the world who are there to provide the best chefs for preparing food. With this, it becomes very easy to reach for the right chef. Taking the help of the personal chef allows you to combine what you love as well as they can maintain the healthy food with uniqueness. The chef is well trained and specialized in different types of cuisines and taste.

You decide the occasion day and choice of food you want to have on the table the chefs are there to transform the image into reality with amazing taste and flavors. Their culinary experiences are going to make every guest fall in love with the food. They can feature an elegant and amazing atmosphere with the best efforts not only for the host but also for the guest. The expense of hiring the personal chef is somewhat equal to the budget of having the food at some of the best restaurants in the world.

So hire the personal chef and take dining experience to the next level with amazing taste and flavors.