Show Cooking and degustation dinner to your home

We offer a completely personalized service, show cooking, gastronomic advice and the chance to understand how the dishes on your menu are made. Any  Mediterranean dishes can be showstoppers on your dining table with the expertise of Roberto Medda Private Chef.

Our menus

Our menus

Our tasting and feast menus are made to have a selection of food for everyone taste ,you can swoop some food platters around or suggest some of your favorite choice.

The food will be served to go in the middle of the table to share and pass around .

To explain, each of our menus have a ‘Minimum Spend 250€ as a whole group‘ that must be met in order for me to be able to provide you with the service regardless of the number of heads in your party. 

Any doubts or queries you can also contact me anytime on whatsapp +34638465602 Roberto

Three courses menu 

 Price 45 €  per head 


Pan Fried shrimps,garden greens, salsa verde


Broccoli veloute soup (V) 


Pan Fried chicken breast with mushrooms and tarragon sauce, sautéed potatoes and caramelised onion. 


Pan Fried Fillet of Sea Bass, sautéed baby potatoes, roasted mediterranean vegetables 


Aubergine parmigiana, mediterranean salad(V) 


Lemon tartlet with Italian Meringue


Crème brûle 


Tasting Menu 1

(All  in the middle of the table at same time, party style ) 

Price 50 €  per head 

Mixed salad with canarian cheese 

Baked pasta al forno with beef  meatballs in a tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmigiano cheese 

  • Bread and mojos dips 

Paella of chorizo and red peppers

Breast of chicken with a delicious curcuma and ras el hanout coconut creamy sauce

Patatas bravas 


Chocolate and ricotta crumble cake served with mascarpone cream 


Tasting  Menu 2

All  in the middle of the table, family style ) 

(55 € per head)

Tomato and serrano ham crostini

Bread and mojos dips 

Mediterranean salad with sweet and sour dressing 

Pasta with albondigas in creamy tomato and basil(pasta and meatballs)

Chicken and prawn  paella 

Chorizo burger with rocket and  honey mustard 

Patatas bravas 




Tasting Menu 3

(65 € per head)

(All in the middle of table

Cava sangria aperitif 

Sélection of breads with canarian mojos dips. 

Pinchos with goat cheese mousse tumeric and paprika

Mediterranean mixed salad  .

Chorizo cooked in cider with potatoes and cherry tomatoes salad. 

Grilled Prawns with cherry tomatoes, basil and mediterranean sweet and sour dressing

Seafood paella 

Breast of chicken with a hot smoked paprika, turmeric creamy sauce 


Chocolate tart and mascarpone cream 


Celebrations tasting  menu 4

(70 € per head)

(Silver service  and wine pouring service) 

Spritz  apéritif 

Tomato and serrano ham pinchos

Caramelised onions and ricotta crostini 

Cherry mozzarella, local tomatoes and avocado salad. 

Grilled mediterranean vegetable platter with basil oil

Carpaccio of bacalao and pistachios 

Wild mushroom saffron risotto in a creamy mascarpone finish

Baked  salmon served with cherry tomatoes and thin sliced potatoes 

Rib-eye of beef with honey mustard and paprika flavored roast canarian potatoes

Lemon tart with Italian meringue 

Panna cotta with winter fruit coulis 


Italian Menu feast 80€ per head

(Silver service and wine pouring service ) 

Prosecco and canapes 

Burrata cherry tomatoes and rucola 

Beef carpaccio with mushrooms and 

shaved parmesan 

Asparagus risotto 

Lasagna bolognese 

Veal Osso buco with tomato cream and mushrooms 


Zabayon and marsala tart 


 Seafood feast 95 € per head

(Silver service and wine pouring service ) 

House champagne and canapés 

Oysters platter 

Seafood salad

Ceviche of cod 

Seafood spaghetti 

Risotto with scampi and mascarpone 

Whole Baked local fish of the day with thin potatos, cherry tomatoes and wine 

Chocolate lava cake served with stracciatella ice cream


Vegetarian menu 

(50 € per head)

Tomatoes, rocket and avocado salad. 

Grilled mediterranean vegetable platter with basil olive oil

Pimiento de padrón 

Aubergine  parmigiana

Mushroom and saffron risotto 

Penne with  a broccoli pesto

Vegetable couscous salad 

Patatas bravas

Vegan Lemon cheesecake



(250 € for up to 6 pax, 300 € for up to 10 pax. 

Delicious food delivery to your doorstep in aluminium trays . 

(Food will be prepared at our place and delivered to you) 

Canarian mojos 

Grilled mediterranean vegetables. 

Pasta al forno with meatballs and tomato sauce 

Chorizo paella. 

Melanzane parmigiana . 

Chicken with canarian spices in a creamy turmeric sauce. 

Dowphinois potatoes 


Sbriciolata crumble cake 

Our Wine  selection (Optional)

House champagne Henry de Verlaine brut 22.95

Moet & Chandon 32.95€

Cava Visiega Brut (Sparkling) 4.95€

Cuatro Rayas  Rueda 2017 (White) 11.95€


Vina Mayor Tinto Roble Tempranillo 2016 (Red)   11.95€

Cannonau di Sardegna Doc Cantine Argiolas (Red)  16.95

Amazing birthdays cakes 🎂 available 

Ask us for details 





What better way to improve your cooking than in your own home, under the guidance of a professionally trained chef? Take a one-to-one private cookery class or invite your friends to join you in a group cooking lesson in the comfort of your own kitchen. Our private cooking lessons allow you to learn a new skill and secrets at your own pace with the help of experienced chefs usted to entertain guests on a daily basis .

Are very ‘hands-on’. What you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; what you do, you understand!

Are tailored to your tastes and cooking experience; from novice to competent cook.

Happen in your home, using your equipment, making it easy for you to repeat the dishes afterwards.

Include good quality ingredients which your chef will bring along.

Include professional tips, techniques and juicy insider stories from your chef!

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