Personal Concierge Services in Tenerife

fcmconciergeConcierge Personal Assistant Services

We have built up invaluable knowledge and connections enabling us to create a tailor made concierge package for you. So whether you are new comer to the white isle or a seasoned Tenerife our concierge service will ensure that you make the most of your precious time.

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Personal Property Advisor Tenerife (rent and buy)
Birthday Private Flamenco show 
Birthday cake delivery
Personal Shopper
Personal Trainer
Private transfer Service
Private Massage
Private Yoga class
Birthday decorations setting 
Private Chef
Catering Services
BBQ Service to your place
Bar home service
Breakfast service
Takeway service
Paellas and Tapas Menu delivery at your villa
Personal Property Finder




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Personal Chef

We offer authentic Italian and European modern-style cuisine , prepared and served in the comfort of your holiday home in Tenerife. Moving abroad offers incredible opportunities to immerse in a new culture, language ,food and way of life. Such cultural adaptation however represents a major challenge for a chef. Once settled in a host country, a food adventurer have to face things in a completely different way and adapt his new way of thinking to the daily life. All those ingredients have created my cooking inspiration style wich i would describe it as original and authentic as it actually expresses all my knowledge and passions in a specific dinner event.

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