Private Chefs in Tenerife and all the benefit’s.


Chances are you’ve been planning this trip to Tenerife for a while now and you have a picture in your mind of just how perfectly it should go. However, one thing that could ruin your wonderful experience is not being able to eat fresh prepared and tasty food that you want while you’re trying to relax.

With us as private chefs in Tenerife,take your pick. You can have several tipes of cuisine to choose from. It can be as diverse as you wish.

Your private chefs in Tenerife will shop for the produce required for your meals. Furthermore, they will arrive at their designated luxury holiday villas to rent in Tenerife to prepare the meals ahead of time for you and your family and friends.

Everything will be ready to serve at the time that you requested it.

No more waiting for orders to be placed and delivered. Your food will be served to you at the time that you specify. Of course, you have the option to make changes at any time.

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Roberto Medda

I was born in Switzerland but grew up in Sardinia Island. I offer authentic Mediterranean/European restaurant-style cuisine , prepared and served in the comfort of your holiday home . I can travel anywhere and anytime. I am a well-traveled chef ,I worked and lived in eleven different countries around the globe .I love cooking and give the real spice of life. Traveling and moving abroad offer me incredible opportunities to immerse in a new culture, language ,food and way of LIFE.

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