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Private Chef Service Tenerife

ROBERTO’S FOOD REVOLUTION IN TENERIFE… Roberto today as a private personal chef in Tenerife reveals: Dinner in your holiday should be an experience . We use simple ingredients, intricate flavours, and delicate textures. Dinner needs to feed your body and soul with every bite. It should be savoured and most of all, it should be enjoyed with our sangrias. Ever wonder what it would be like to have a personal chef at a modest cost? Let us spark your food for one night by the confort of your own rented villa!

Guilt about food, shame about the body, or judgment about health are considered stressors by the brain and are immediately transduced into their electrochemical equivalents in the body. You could eat the healthiest meal on the planet, but if you’re thinking toxic thoughts the digestion of your food goes down and your fat storage metabolism can go up. Likewise, you could be eating a nutritionally challenged meal, but if your head and heart are in the right place, the nutritive power of your food will be increased. Enjoy our cooking!!!
Thanks for coming, we’re pleased to have you here and to get to know you your needs!!
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Roberto Medda

I was born in Switzerland but grew up in Sardinia Island. I offer authentic Mediterranean/European restaurant-style cuisine , prepared and served in the comfort of your holiday home . I can travel anywhere and anytime. I am a well-traveled chef ,I worked and lived in eleven different countries around the globe .I love cooking and give the real spice of life. Traveling and moving abroad offer me incredible opportunities to immerse in a new culture, language ,food and way of LIFE.

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