I definitely can’t live without cooking and travelling as a personal chef

I love my job as a Travel Personal chef!!

Growing up Italian and being from Sardinia gives me full passion.My strength has always been Mediterranean cuisine across the board from Italy, France,Spain,Greece,this works out fine for me as I think now people prefers lot of different types of styles of cuisine all at  gives me time to think, ideate,meditate,observe and learn new things – culture, food, history. It also gives a lot of time to understand on how certain things are done around the world and always find Inspiration to live better and enjoy live more and more. Moving abroad offers incredible opportunities to integrate in a new culture, language , food and way of life. Such cultural adaptation however represents a major challenge for a chef. Once settled in a host country, a food lover have to face things in a completely different way and adapt his new way of thinking to the daily life and that finally is what it makes my cooking style more authentic.

Cooking is not just the process of preparing food by applying heat; but while we change its flavor, texture, consistency and appearance, we give it something from our heart.

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Great dinner ideas .

Receive in your holiday home in Tenerife, without lifting a finger in a more cozy than a dinner at the restaurant, we offer service to people who don’t have time, skills or do not want to cook,you can receive in your own home with a sit down meal or a barbecue.

We love exploring local markets– we have some recommendations to help and ensure we can make a barbecue meal with the freshest choice.

In addition to being an excellent source of quality lean protein and a valuable source of essential and beneficial nutrients – our food is simply delicious!

Explore your options with us – get inspired with our recepies

 Enjoy our canapes!!!

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

Try our casual BBQ.

Mixed grilled meats served with canarian mojo sauces on the side,delicious king prawns, Mediterranean grilled vegetables, grilled mushrooms, garlic bread, pasta salads, caprese salads, patatas bravas, mixed mini fruit tartlets for dessert

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