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In the confort of your holiday home with personal service and great food at your own tasty.

Email : tenerifepersonalchef@gmail.com

We offer authentic European/Meditarrenean cuisine with a modern twist, all prepared and served in the comfort of your home in Tenerife.
Whether you are planning a small birthday party or a reunion with family and friends; always dreamed of having your personal chef for your family daily meals to enjoy at your convenience;
Our seafood paellas ,vegetarian specialities and our meat and fish platters are unique as will be your event if you choose our Services.
Cocina, que pasión! Un concepto diferente que te acerca al placer del buen comer. Un Chef que se encarga de todo, convirtiendo tu casa en un Temporary Restaurant donde vivir una Experiencia Gastronómica inolvidable. En pareja, con amigos o.. sólo!

Tenerife personal chef is a private chef service on Tenerife south.
(Los Cristianos/Las Americas/Torviscas or any where you like)
Enjoy the mediterranean/European cuisine with friends and family on your rental holiday apartment or villa ,enjoy your private terrace let us get a tailor made dinner for you.

About us


We are married middle age couple living in south Tenerife.

Born and raised in Italy,Brigida in Puglia and Roberto in Sardinia island.

Following the selling of their last sucessful but stressful business in Sardinia island ,we have decided to have an easier and more relaxed live style in Spain and that how we come up with the idea of live and work in Tenerife creating our selfs a job that we really enjoy doing.

We both built our passion for food, growing alongside our mother’s pots and pans, smelling and tasting everything was cooking for the family.
After exploring different careers in Italy, we moved to Paris and then London and entered the world of the food industry, working our way through the kitchens of top restaurants.

After a long stay in Paris and then;London,Italy,Switzerland,Spain,Canada,Usa, Mexico and Thailand, life brought us back to London, where we have worked and received formal culinary training in both French and Italian front of house service and fine-dining.






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We offer authentic Italian and European modern-style cuisine , prepared and served in the comfort of your holiday home in Tenerife. Moving abroad offers incredible opportunities to immerse in a new culture, language ,food and way of life. Such cultural adaptation however represents a major challenge for a chef. Once settled in a host country, a food adventurer have to face things in a completely different way and adapt his new way of thinking to the daily life. All those ingredients have created my cooking inspiration style wich i would describe it as original and authentic as it actually expresses all my knowledge and passions in a specific dinner event.

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